Monday 07 November 2005

Monday 07 November 2005

My dear friends, modern physics invites you to reconsider your dimensional values by adding new horizons and this within your material. Some researchers then speak timidly of supra- physics where the interior of a volume would be larger than the limits of its circumference. An aspect which theoretically shatters all the prejudices and the foundations of what your senses impose on you.

We know well, the top, the bottom, the depth are only narrow aspects of the world, induced by a brain which is not the first cause of all things. Your workshop under this new glance does not therefore have the limits that you feel physically, but that of your own mind. The combination of your objectives and the enthusiasm you put into them dissolves walls and windows to extend to infinity the boundaries that have become hypothetical in your situation.

Your machines, your devices are then the electrical connections of this luminous marquee which brings hope and especially intellectual and mental material for the societal revolution. Because it goes without saying that the old worm-eaten world is on the verge of breaking down and with it the old sociological tales far too distant from the very foundation of the universe. It is with instincts and ecstasies that man will approach his genesis and science will no longer be offended by metaphysics, even incorporating it in its ordering missals.

We have changed the lights in our workshop so we would like to know if the convergence of the light supports increases the chances of catching something?

We have just written it, man will achieve his ends through intuition and ecstasy. You did well, but there are still gray areas. It’s strange that you don’t notice it. We can no longer induce your conduct. Understand that the dynamics, the path that determines the technique and its precision are worth much more than the configuration itself.
However we are never very far, but it would be useless here in this kind of elements that we place the devices ourselves!

Indeed our prerogatives are not yours and the technique must be a springboard towards spirituality.
If it is true that technically you can improve the contact, on the other hand the latter will not open the edens to you. Do you understand ?
Moreover, you understood that the incorporation of an individual in the configuration was important, that the effects would be remarkable. If indeed you can consider yourself as gray areas, when it comes to us, this time we were talking about the physical logic of your installation. The focus of your machine is virtual and not really respected, knowing also that the light emits light and radio waves, these should not be neglected.
Compare, seek, and find convergence. Convergence, that says it all.

The same for the reflective glass and the umbrella, does their new location increase the chances of improving contact?

Yes, yes, materially. But you will soon agree on its misuse.
Don’t be frustrated, you are on the right track. We were writing it to you, you have the elements.

Last Saturday, we had a TCI experience with Pascale. A person came to meet us.
We got an image that Pascal said would look like his son’s trait.
Can you tell us whether or not he was present with us today and if it is his image that we have retained?

At that moment, only one mind was in the module, yes it was him. The images received from him cannot, according to your criteria, convey this fact.
This woman felt the presence of her son much more with her heart than with her eyes.
Pay attention to the way you bring the thing. Later, later, you will get much more.

Here is a question asked by an Internet user. (Mathieu dit Mattx06)
What are the basic conditions for a successful TCI session and what pitfalls to avoid?

There are many pitfalls to avoid and include the conditions to be followed.
In fact the TCI appeals to your human senses since it materializes stimuli that are supposed to impress you. In this revolutionary dawn, the ICT first shows its weaknesses, its shortcomings and often its exclusivity which pushes a large number of people to find the right process or procedures to communicate instrumentally with us. Human technical and physical evolution giving a new field of investigation for our timeless breakthroughs.
In these premises the first of the gaps is the interpretation of the result. It is always useful but should not give rise to conclusions but generate evolving questioning. You have understood the danger is the sufficiency, which gives free rein to pride.
In these manifestations of the human character then exists deception, machination. For without

sincerity, devotion, the result can be dangerous and misleading. The conditions are clear; selflessness, openness, humility and sharing. The rest is easy. In conclusion, all of you who hear us, who read our messages, do not believe in abandonment, nor in what you call evil. The universe is made thus, it converges irremediably towards a perfect agreement, far, far, very far from your conventions.

Gabriel, Eric and Sébastopol