Monday 08 January 2007

My friends!
Have you forgotten under what omen the spirit world manifests itself?

Have you also forgotten in what learned mixture its manifestation occurs?
Will you miss out on the essential, lost in the midst of the overdone and the voluptuousness?

The ordinarily invisible spirit world will only manifest itself in the midst of a determined and chosen rich whole. Even though one might believe in fortuitous things, there are undeniable plans and foundations. The spirit world does not exist without you and you do not exist without the spirit world. The manifestation of one is based on that of the other, in circumstances unknown in your earthly attitudes. So don’t see idleness where it doesn’t exist. You are the emerging part of the manifestation and we become the one that is not seen. You are not lost in the fold of inconsistency or inaccuracy, since at this very moment the formula is operating and the message is transmitted. My dear friends very often we warn you of the long process to follow, of its quarrels,of his bruises. So are you so surprised, would you have thought that communicating with spirits would have dispensed you from personal work, from education?

No, we are convinced that there is still a good conscience in your hearts. There is no before or after, but a present that you live day after day. As we perceive you in this way, we experience emotion and distress, a difficult but predictable passage. Don’t be surprised, live the moment as a logical continuation. We make an act of presence out of love and continuity.

Following the discussion we had before the experience, where we noticed that we had a decrease in enthusiasm, the spirits come here to tell us that it was predictable and that we should feel helped even in these moments difficult.

(Jean-Luc detects the presence of another spirit in the manifestation). My friends you are far away. Why do you stand aside like this? Tighten the ranks, get closer. Let us feel your lineage, we love you.

It’s a message of comfort!
From that moment on, the experience took on a special character. We were able to observe the successive demonstrations of relatives to the people present, with very personal messages. This session was very emotional, restorative moments as only Spiritism can give us.