Tuesday 03 May 2011

My friends, when everything has been tried, when the pain has been lived to the end, when the exhausted laborer collapses on the bench, then the hope of the miracle, devotion to providence, prayer with faith intervenes and one waits without believing in it for the arrival of the savior, of a final success. It is in these uncertain moments that the sky opens and lets the wind of reparation rush in, the extension of the possible and the hope. The science of men is thus made and it is often in the bottom of the wave that the ray of light emerges.

Little men, do not dwell on your fate, there are things which you cannot measure, Heaven has great things for you which it will give on the required day. He will thus have accomplished his share of the work, will remain yours. Before that he had to gauge the men and their tenacity. Soon the first stone will be laid for an edifice that will not fall under the thunder of the accusers. Courage, little brothers, things are happening.

It is understandable that we are experiencing well-programmed things, pushing us to be tenacious.
We are going to ask you the question we prepared:
Until we set up the new configuration which should bring us new results. Do you think that we could receive better by integrating well on the energy which we can release and with the current state of mind?

The Spirits:
The important thing is not to know the best you would get, but what others you could get with

the same material!
In fact, before this contact you noticed that a large number of TCI principles were intimately linked to their constructors or inventors and that therefore these installations only operated in the presence of these people. Once dead these machines no longer worked.
It is a question here of exclusivity which does not help the whole. The religions were all personified, the elect were few and the lucky ones approaching the messiahs could hear the good news. Today thanks to the democratization of mediumship, spirits can share their teachings all over the world. The latter is no longer personified but given in all castes.
The TCI must take the same path!
Your Module is not easy to access and requires certain knowledge to be used. Tomorrow it will have to be simpler but also functional for a large group of people who want contact.
Of course, the current Module can give much more, but only with you …
Your goal is not in the personified harvest, nor in the display of knowledge, but in the sharing of a principle. It is therefore necessary that this one works with all, that is why you must find the right balance and sensitivity for your installation.

So we could get better results with the current setup and that’s up to us, but spirits are looking for a way to implement an installation that could work without our help, with other people.

The spirits:
We do not work for this generation but for the following …

The spirits wrote that the Module could only work with us, but the resulting work will be shared by everyone. It’s not exactly the same thing !

The spirits:
The Module cannot in the current state function without you, except it must be able to answer the hopes of the greatest number. Your work is not a dead letter that will be seen tomorrow as a seniority. Nor is he a murderess in a bland, lightless wall. It must be a large bay accessible to all. What does it matter if you can share a contact if it cannot be perpetuated?
Why settle for a lost advance?
The construction of a pond is an opening that you must propped up so that it is practicable and secure for all.
How do you judge the work of your elders in ICT?
Where are the great discoveries left behind?
The evolving technique will one day be able to demonstrate and permanently the reality of survival. You must be convinced of it, mediumship is acquired in its principle and what the spirits wrote to the men of yesterday is required today. What the spirits materialized yesterday on your televisions is no longer today because a principle has been ignored. This is what we invite you to rediscover and highlight.
Your installation must outlive you my brothers.

Apparently that was not the case with the bands that came before us!

Spirits: No!

I am thinking of Spiricom and everything else, these installations only worked in the presence of the people who designed them. Our job is to make a machine that would work even with different people.

Spirits: Yes!

There is one word that bothered me about everything we learn about spirituality, and that is exclusivity. It bothered me …

We too…
This is precisely what we want to avoid. No exclusivity!
The spirits must be able to manifest themselves in all and in an equal proportion. Today it is clear that no spiritual human principle works without the mind of the designer.

We have well understood this notion of exclusivity that we must avoid. We have no more questions, would you have something to tell us to conclude this experience?

Do not doubt our omnipresence, nor our presence in each of your hearts. We search your minds and know your sorrows, your doubts and your hopes. So very often we remain silent, insensitive to your pleas, without reactions to your apostrophe, it is because we cannot show our support each time, but also because we do not have the permission. But know, all of you who read my words, I hear your praise as your critics do not doubt it and will answer your questions in due time.

Sébastopol and Eric.