Tuesday 06 April 2010

The spirits :
My dear friends, the omnipresence of the spirit explains the mysteries of matter, the mysteries of bodily biology, but also explains the basis of all anathemas because the form of your teachings, whatever they may be, cannot be fundamental . The spirit is the source, the momentum and not the finality of an act which lost in the representation is not already pleased with the same present of the decision. Acts of the flesh, your forms are already very far from their source. Don't dwell on dimensions but understand their optional usefulness. We tell you that your passing lives are not fundamental in their material aspect. Only gasoline matters. Use your lives as levers and not as signs that they are failing to pamper. Elevate yourself, that is, aspire to the highest.The work that falls to you must provide for this purpose and not bring down comparisons or silence the ungodly. The spiritual world could never ostensibly make one form prevail over another because it embraces them all.
A guest whose first name we forgot....
In fact the body is a vehicle and it is the spirit that counts, it is the Spiritist doctrine that we find in Allan Kardec!

I think he's talking about the essence of the mind, that we have to rise to that!

There is no privileged path over another!

Five prepared questions

Since we are planning to install a smoke screen at the Module, do you think we should diffuse a constant smoke during the experiment, or send a smoke before and experiment with it?

The spirits:
Again my friends go to the simplest.
Your question assumes acceptance of the abolition of screens. Nevertheless, a three-dimensional

spatial image supposes a restitution via a “capturing” element, we would say. There are several ways to produce a hologram and render it. In your case, you cannot produce a silver hologram. You will then have to produce a three-dimensional image as soon as it is captured, which suddenly sends you back to cutting-edge technologies, for example what you call “digital”. The holography is based on a widely known process, very simple in its acceptance. It is then enough to put in place the useful and expected elements to see it happen. A hologram does not necessarily need a plasma, gas or smoke to be rendered. Everything still depends on who visualizes it and where it is located.There are restitution video holograms without gaseous media but visible through the only light of a video projector!

So try to think about it, you cannot render hologram from a sensitive plate, so you can only orient yourself on the digitization of this process. You must also comply with your means and approach our opinions as closely as possible.

If today we are led to talk about smoke, well it is because of what you spoke about it!

These were only examples and not wishes ...

(Via internet Julien tells us about a new very complicated hologram technique, but also very expensive!)

The spirits:
Yes we are aware of these processes. We would like to add that you confuse the making of a hologram and its rendering. In the holographic process, there is first the exposure of the subject to laser light and then the restitution of the image thus created. In your configuration it is a question of installing the restitution of a hologram that we would materialize, do you understand?

They're the ones who will create the hologram!

We will have to get it back!
But to get there we would have to film it!

If you want to set up the capture of a hologram, its manufacture, you will need another configuration!

Jean-Luc: We
will have to find a way to allow them to create a hologram !!
At first we thought that it must be us who should put to create a hologram that the spirits could modulate. There it is something else.

My friends do you understand how a slide works?

It's the restoration of a negative image!

Spirits: No!

Well we don't know ...

What is the difference between an image on paper and a slide?

A guest whose first name we have forgotten: On the slide there is no negative!

The spirits:
The paper is looked at thanks to the reverberation of the ambient light on your retinas. The slide is viewed with the projection of a white light against a screen which itself will strike your retina. Do you understand this difference?

For one we add a light for the other no!

For the slide, we make it cross a light!

Well, there is an analogy between producing a slide with its projection and producing a hologram and rendering it.
The advent of video has made it possible to make production and reproduction simultaneous, whether in photography or in cinema. The same is true for digital holography.

Clearly, we would have to be able to film a hologram that you are going to make in order to be able to render it with the video projector!
So you are going to materialize the hologram, which we should capture and then render it with the video projector.

And then save it!

Spirits: It
all depends and you will understand it, on the kind of restitution you have chosen. Keep it simple, knowing that we have chosen a laser rendering ... Think about it!

Julien via internet:
What if several lights of different colors pass perpendicularly to the light of the video projector? These lights would be like the slide!

We understand this detail, it is the very basis of the Module and its framework.

Joël would like you to give your opinion on the laser that we took out of its case. Is the light purer, since direct?

Spirits: Very good!

We did a test last Saturday with the lenses that Julien sent us. Did you feel this and what do you think?

This day we also felt a lot of annoyance from you!
Which is very disturbing for us.
As for the result, he had the merit of showing you the importance of optics in this kind of process. The curves of the lenses are too great. Opt for 5 or 6mm lenses.

Will we have to multiply the lenses to diffract the laser light, or find just one that will?

Spirits: Only one!

You have to find the right lens and if you stick ...

Haven't we written that already?

Camille would like to know if we should set a point of reference in space in order to be able to guide us in the orientation and the adjustment of the devices?

The spirits:
To obtain a holographic restitution, the location of the laser, diffractive lenses and the sense of observation stipulate stable and rigorous supports, so definitive locations yes.

In view of all this and since we have to build the Module cabin. Should we install the holographic setup before or after setting it up?

And considering both is not possible?

What do you mean?

Think about your cabin taking into account aspects of holography.

But do they have any advice for us regarding benchmarks?

The spirits: It
all depends on your degree of progress on the restitution of the hologram. Right now you are using the laser as a disruptive element. We manifest ourselves in the fringes of disturbance. Tomorrow and we have already said that the video will no longer be part of this process, so know what you will install in this cabin and notify.
Difficult to go deeper with you.

Éric Sébastopol and Tardieu