Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Special GREPP / Traveling cell

The spirits:
My dear friends, when your bodies rest, when your muscles relax and you direct your thoughts towards us then you become visible to us. Your bodily matter, your physical environment, the matter that makes up your forms are not visible to us, except through your senses. These are for us the templates that allow us to assess your world. The human senses are the opening towards this very particular dimension where you move. So your present senses, your attention, your openness, are a guarantee of success for our events. It is impossible for us to progress in the midst of the dogmatists and the poor in spirit, not that we cannot visit them, but that the heaviness of their precept annihilates the evolution of changes.The transcommunication that brings us together is the application of this sharing, that of your senses. Make them flexible so that they finally adapt to our visions. They will also be our guardians, preventing us from producing effects that do not reach you. We will answer your questions.

Question 1:
What do you recommend to us to work in harmony with our new spiritual friends and can we ask for their protection and help during our paranormal investigations?

There is a human axiom saying that an informed man is worth two, and you are well informed and suddenly grows by this revelation. The entities that work with you by sympathy and analogy wanted to make themselves known to ensure special attention. The mere fact of wanting to get closer to them is enough to strengthen the bonds. So do not be worried, present at this time and soon during your experiences, they will not fail to challenge you mediumnically. There is no special formula for you to adapt to their influence, but trust in yourself and your work will suffice.

Question 2:
We would like to have your impressions on the use of the Fougeret cell. Are the images we received related to Fougeret? Why are all the faces looking to the side and what is the meaning of the letters A and H?

The spirits:
The experiment which you carried out in concert with us is naturally satisfactory. The drafts that you have received from us are sufficient to continue in this direction. They are a call to perseverance and the opposite would have been surprising. The entities that manifested themselves there are spirits present during the evening, most of them familiar or
sympathetic. The entities permanently present in the castle were unable to appear. Moreover, the entities controlling the process did not let them approach. These entities were looking in the same direction, very attentive on the medium which served as technical intermediary, they looked at it. The letters are irrelevant, they are only essays.

We are returning to Fougeret with the cell on November 21. What would you advise us in the first place to improve the quality of reception and thus hope to have better results than last time?

The spirits:
The reception quality depends on several factors. In the current state of things, it will be difficult for you to hope for better, because then and to do this, several things would have to be changed, improved and we do not think that this is the subject of your question. Especially since before changing the device, it must also be evaluated. One does not go without the other. This evaluation will be as much technical as mediumistic, because you will be there in the front row, handling a recent technique for you and the entities concerned. Our advice is very simple, respect, concentration, letting go and faith. We assure you that, with the right guidance, you will get beautiful drafts. Do not hesitate, in doubt,to come back to the communications table to let us know your grievances as we are doing together here now.

(A pascal en aside:
The spirits: It will be your mission Pascal and you can imagine it! Yes the international.)

Question from Laurie: Linked with IFRES too?

Yes, there is no such thing as chance. You are here, where you are expected.

Question 4:
What type of sound support could we put in order to have sound manifestations with the traveling cell?

The spirits:
The sound supports will have to be multiple and in low frequencies. This time, it will also be necessary to oppose the phases during the re-readings. You should not record the open cell. And you won't have to be silent at all costs either. You will have to stay in your habits. The cell is not subtractive but additional.

Question from Christophe:
What will you think of multiplying, of superimposing several types of frequencies. Are we going in the right direction with this idea?

The spirits:
Everything is good to take as long as the support does not take the place of the result. The phase opposition will be a good way to highlight the wave modulations that we will be able to produce. If you are playing a sound medium to multiple sources, then you will need to calibrate it to then oppose it to your recording.

Question from Pascal:
Is there a chance that we can obtain good results by speeding up or slowing down the replay of the recordings that we have made? And if so, how fast?

The spirits:
Slowing down or speeding up reading is a matter of hearing comfort. A slowing down will then take place after the phase opposition and the normalization of the recording to 0db.

(Accuracy of entities)
Normalization is the “timing” of the recording and its clipping at 0db. After that, listening stipulates a hearing acuity which will be helped by slowing down or accelerating. You can also accentuate the peak of audio peaks with a synthesizer in order to accentuate the frequencies and its modulations, which can make audible mediocre or timid sounds. To make us understand, think of the difference between the sound of an “A” produced with a closed mouth and one with a wide open mouth. You will therefore have to act on the dialectic of voices as well as on the contrast of images.

Question Christophe:
Do you advise us to apply these same rules for the fixed cell?

The spirits:
But it's obvious, besides everything happens to who knows how to wait.

Question 5:
Can we integrate into the experiment people who are foreign to the design of the cell? How should they behave?

Yes, apart from manipulation. Their behavior is analogous to what you have here. Be vigilant but also candid, thirst for discovery while knowing how to be satisfied with what you have already gathered. Events happen very quickly which will have to be supported by your responsibility. Continue therefore, worker of the soul, you will be able to carry out the boat of which you are custodian. This vessel is the Exodus of human spirituality approaching to board the phantom vessel of materiality.

Question from Christophe:
Can we know the names of the group of spiritual entities working with us?

Spirits: Soon.

Eric and Tardieux