Tuesday 11 June 2019

Spirits: My dear friends, don’t be afraid to ask yourself the same problem with the same starting definition. It is always fruitful to figure things out with an additional overview. Even your sciences often come back to paradigms and by force of circumstances end up making them evolve or even reform them. Remember that your sciences, your societies, your knowledge in general, are generated by your observation, your deductions and thoughts. Outside of your senses the universe you are in is something else yet.

How you perceive the world depends on your senses and your cognition. It is for you an absolute which must be exceeded. Your senses are, however, already overwhelmed in mathematical equations, which according to your cognition, are authentic.

Even your imaginations are induced by the senses determined by your brain. In this maze you will only understand what can be considered by your deductions and your vision of the world. We ourselves are forced to take it into account and so go through these milestones trying to widen the line in order to get used to another precision.

The transcommunication which interests us arises in the same context as the rest and brings only one more singularity which will sooner or later have to challenge all of your fellow citizens. Most of you will be dead when your institutions understand the reality of consciousness outside of what you call biology.

The theories made on particle physics and related mechanics today provide the ground for this new science. There is still some way to go but from then on it is possible to direct your imaginations on an abstract reality, but which can be modeled according to the constraints of your calculations.

We are showing ourselves here with you for this reason, but you have understood this is not our goal. We have another one that we will complete much later (respecting here the cloister of your time).

Laurie: We thank you and will ask the questions that we have prepared.
Sébastien: We have upgraded the video system by multiplying the definition by four and the

frame rate by three. What do you think ?

The spirits: My friend, we are always very happy to follow your progress, a journey which is not made only to please us but which must also take you to your destination.

As we have already written to you, there are a multitude of routes, commitments, tributaries. The more the progression takes place, the more the roads meet. It’s like a genealogical diagram, there are multiple ramifications which together show the actual influences of each of the elements, much like the DNA of your biological or chemical structures.

It is the same for transcommunication. Your diagram is part of a whole which feeds on the influences of the whole becoming in turn percipients or emitters.

Your technique still follows a clear and easily understandable logic. It speaks to your senses and therefore allows you to convey the idea of survival in a comfortable but still obsolete aspect.

Because when you read our communications, you will understand that we are something other than these disheveled faces with sometimes unsightly bonhommies.

But why are we doing it? This is the absolute meaning of our conduct. It is the mixing of our consciousnesses that brings about these visible states. On other planets we act differently.

To stay within the framework of your research, you will have to set up motorized ball joints with memorizable and servo-controlled settings, which will make your framing and basic settings much more precise. You will also have to have objectives accepting the control channels to adjust the exposures and the focal length directly from the recording station. Of course there is also this high probability of using ultra HD but also filters that can break down certain light waves. But you will also understand that the video will one day be a capture tool rather than an element of the event itself.

Sébastien: How to improve the lighting of the mist?

The spirits: Before improving the lighting of the mist, it is also necessary to understand what such a device would be used for. Mist is not the absolute center of our impacts. Its importance lies in the particularity generated by the laser. It is the changes that occur in its constitution that interest us.

Today it serves as a screen, tomorrow it will be much more confined, more under control. We suggest that you add much more detail to the laser light and the elements that break it down rather than projecting a frontal light which would add confusion. Try to improve your laser path, then you can see much more interference.

Sébastien: Last year you told us that you could trigger video recording by acting on a sensor. What sensor could we use for this?

Spirits: So try a diffusion of electrostatic fields. We are currently perceiving all around you a strong electromagnetic density. This can be very useful. Do you understand ?

Luc: There are different types of electrostatic sensors. More precisely ?

Spirits: We perceive a good response for sensors sensitive to positive fields. In fact, it would be a question of a sensor measuring our differences in charge at a given moment. Are we understandable enough?

Luc: Yes. It’s a capacitor, normally.

Spirits: We are sensitive to electrostatic fields since we can, in a certain way, influence what you call electron by acting on their gravity. Of course all of this comes together in a package that you cannot envision. We are the cement of what you break down. The corpuscular aspect of matter is only a random vision, permanence is rather a uniformity.

Luc: We are going to synthesize sounds by two means in parallel: 1) the diction of whole phonemes; 2) the use of an automaton and more basic sounds. With the current equipment it is impossible for us to achieve the second solution because we do not have enough measurements per second. In order to adapt we are moving towards an automaton whose states are vowels,

constantly pronounced as long as the automaton remains in a certain state, and which would change state by pronouncing consonants. What do you think ?

The spirits: Here is a wise idea but it will then be difficult to understand explicitly our messages, since we act more or less on the only pressure of your sensors.

At first we only had to control the volume of the sound modules, but with this set we will also have to choose the sound brackets and mix them. This is why it would be much more practical to produce a sound source per sensor.

We suggested the idea of the piano with which engineers “pixelated” the frequencies of the voice by breaking down its useful frequencies. What it is possible to do with a piano is also possible with a virtual keyboard or made sensitive thanks to a tiny pressure, much closer to our original state and this without us having to transform our approach.

A piano remains silent until the keys are pressed. But for you the system will produce a permanent audible base made up of all the sounds played at the same time. Our action will trigger a variation of the volume on the expected note, the whole will produce a voice. Now there are other possibilities that can also work, but then we will have less choice.

Luc: Do you prefer that we associate the volume of a sound element rather with the absolute pressure value of the sensors, or rather with the pressure variations?

Spirits: Pressure variation. The more the pressure increases, the stronger the note.

Luc: The other configuration will consist of emitting series of phonemes or whole words, in a manner controlled by the pressure sensors. What are the basic building blocks of phonemes and words that you would like to be made available to you?

The Spirits: Once again we tell you, we need to control the action and reaction of the whole device as you orient yourself towards a dynamic library of closely established sounds. We will have to act on the sensors in order to follow onomatopoeias likely to construct words. This is not the same approach. So try to give or go towards elements made logical in their deduction.

Laurie: I feel the medium is tired. Do we have time for the last question? Spirits: We no longer have control, we will come back to it.