Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Spirits: Love and peace, friends of transcommunication. You have assimilated that your mental field is preponderant in your experiences. What you see, hear, touch is for us a passage, an obligation, an almost imposed path. These milestones thus projected on your world allow us to apprehend it. When we come to master them then we expand, in your minds, the sense of the possible and induce you to new benchmarks.

This state of affairs obliges us to monitor the degree of your knowledge in order to be able to use it according to our wishes and the way of expressing ourselves. But outside of this conceptual sieve we don’t need it to exist. Our will is the same as yours and our spirit is a unity.

The aspect of your technique is by analogy ours and it is together that we move forward. It is therefore important that you focus on the current state of your research, and thereby make the whole as stable as possible (even if this might not be perfect). The stability of the assembly as much physical as theoretical, in your conscience, will allow the upper stage. It is then important to perfect what you have already designed. As such, we remind you of the importance of vibrations, waves which, in themselves, allow us to measure your space and this outside your biology.

Remember the low frequencies between 10 Hertz and 20 Hertz, it would be useful for this purpose to couple your mist diffusion to a vibration generator which will induce a vibration of 20 to 30 Hertz on your propagation pipe. You also need to review your random shape generator, we wish we could act on it more. The variation of the intensities of the forms should be done in relation to the larynx. Then think about your frames and camera settings, they are a concern for us. Our adaptation is tedious, we are obliged to act strongly on your mediums to overcome this lack of responsiveness.

Laurie: What do you think of the new audio experimentation protocol that we have put in place?

Spirits: We really like your dynamism. Much quicker to active phenomena than during long meditations. Remember that we have to act on your device, yet we cannot see it and cannot hear it. It is through you that we can measure our effects. If you remain silent you might as well want to communicate with a carp. Communication with spirits is not sacred, it requires circumspection and respect either, but admiration is harmful. We are made in the same vein and love leads to exclamation not to taciturn silence.

Laurie: Should the person sitting in the Cell see the device? because currently he is behind…. Sébastien: That is to say that they are based only on our senses, possibly sight but especially


Spirits: The technician sees it and we use it to act on sensitive elements and on your ears to control our actions.

Laurie: Do you have any advice for Sébastien de Dijon for the Satellite?

Spirits: In the same way, we use his mind to level our manifestation and its visual. Therefore, its concentration is essential. For the device it should be understood that the two video streams are important. The degree of fades is too low, you have to focus on the right settings.

Laurie: We thank you very much and I will leave you the last word for tonight.

The spirits: There is no accidental passage my friends, the actors of this human adventure are here and contribute to the agglomeration of the living forces. There are no false roads like bad theories, you just have to discover the cement that will unify all this, you are close, courage.